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The city of Colorado Springs is the region's county seat, standing in El Paso County, in the very heart of the state of Colorado. With a population of around 350,000 and many significant landmarks, the city of Colorado Springs is easy to reach, standing close to its airport.

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Downtown Colorado Springs can be reached from the airport by traveling along East Platte Avenue and is central to life in the city. Much of the downtown district has recently been renovated and contains many of the best attractions in Colorado Springs, including a large quantity of shops, restaurants and hotels, together with countless old buildings and popular galleries. Pike's Peak dominates downtown Colorado Springs, which is without doubt the busiest part of the city.

Heading in a westerly direction along West Cimarron Avenue you will soon reach Old Colorado Springs, a historical area which remains well-preserved and has long been a popular tourist hotspot. Further along West Cimarron Avenue stands Manitou Springs, an independent town which is often considered as a suburb of Colorado Springs and is famed for its extensive National Historic Districts.

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